CNY: Mandarin Oranges

Festive Deals

Giving and exchanging Mandarin oranges is a well-known tradition during the celebration of Chinese New Year, as it symbolizes bringing prosperity and good luck. Jocom has a variety of Mandarin Oranges but we especially love the Pomkam Mandarin Oranges and Sweet Tangerines! Treat your loved ones with a box of these delicious jewels from Jocom today!


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Family Snack Ideas!

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Forget potato chips and popcorn, because here are 5 snack ideas perfect for you and your family – all available on Jocom! Grab a cushion and cozy up on the couch for some quality time with your loved ones while munching on these yummy snacks!

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Healthy Nut

Chop up some celery and carrots sticks and arrange them on a platter. Dip them in the dressing of your choice (we personally love Lady’s Choice Fruit Salad Dressing 250ml (RM6.50)!). Also, prepare a bowl of mixed nuts such as Nusasa Breeze Original Nuts (RM23.90) for them jaw gnawing scenes on screen.

Crackin’ Time

Chips can get a bit boring so change it up by snacking on JACOBS Hi-Cal Original 180g (RM3.40) biscuits instead. Spread garlic butter for that extra ‘oomph’ or everyone’s favorite, Nutella 375g (RM15.90).

Frying High

Pop some nuggets from CB Chicken Nugget (RM6.95) into an air fryer or boil some PFT Black Pepper BBQ Chicken Sausages (RM6.95). While waiting for the the nuggets/sausages to be cooked, combine four tablespoons of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise 230ml (RM5.90) with two tablespoons of chili sauce and tadaa! Dip and enjoy.

Warm & Toasty

It’s raining outside and all you need is something to warm all of you up. Boil some water and mix with Campbell’s Instant Soup in Mushroom Pasta (RM3.60). Lots of other flavors also available on Jocom!

Crunchy Cookies

You can always go traditional and bust out your cookie stash (you’ll get brownie points for sharing!). We’ve got Quaker Oat Apple & Cinnamon Cookies (RM7.50) and Double Stuff Oreo (RM3.00) in ours 😉

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Back To School


Today marks the end of summer holidays as school reopens! White crisp uniforms and scuff-free shoes – everyone in your household was surely buzzing with excitement! But sometimes you might miss out on some things from your ‘Back to School Checklist‘ and forced to pave your way through the crowd of last minute shoppers. Don’t fret, because at Jocom, we have a wide range of stationery on our app that can be delivered to your door step!

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