Family Snack Ideas!

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Forget potato chips and popcorn, because here are 5 snack ideas perfect for you and your family – all available on Jocom! Grab a cushion and cozy up on the couch for some quality time with your loved ones while munching on these yummy snacks!

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Healthy Nut

Chop up some celery and carrots sticks and arrange them on a platter. Dip them in the dressing of your choice (we personally love Lady’s Choice Fruit Salad Dressing 250ml (RM6.50)!). Also, prepare a bowl of mixed nuts such as Nusasa Breeze Original Nuts (RM23.90) for them jaw gnawing scenes on screen.

Crackin’ Time

Chips can get a bit boring so change it up by snacking on JACOBS Hi-Cal Original 180g (RM3.40) biscuits instead. Spread garlic butter for that extra ‘oomph’ or everyone’s favorite, Nutella 375g (RM15.90).

Frying High

Pop some nuggets from CB Chicken Nugget (RM6.95) into an air fryer or boil some PFT Black Pepper BBQ Chicken Sausages (RM6.95). While waiting for the the nuggets/sausages to be cooked, combine four tablespoons of Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise 230ml (RM5.90) with two tablespoons of chili sauce and tadaa! Dip and enjoy.

Warm & Toasty

It’s raining outside and all you need is something to warm all of you up. Boil some water and mix with Campbell’s Instant Soup in Mushroom Pasta (RM3.60). Lots of other flavors also available on Jocom!

Crunchy Cookies

You can always go traditional and bust out your cookie stash (you’ll get brownie points for sharing!). We’ve got Quaker Oat Apple & Cinnamon Cookies (RM7.50) and Double Stuff Oreo (RM3.00) in ours 😉

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Barbeque woes.. now SOLVED!

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Barbeque parties can be tiring and quite pricey when you don’t know what to get (how many of us are guilty of calling dibs on bringing ‘drinks and ice’?). If you decide to host a barbeque party, you’d have to buy the poultry (2-3 different types), ingredients to marinade the poultry, ingredients for side dishes such as potato salad, dessert, drinks, cutlery, barbeque tools (charcoal, thongs, etc.) and so much more! Once you reach home with 362745 bags, you forgot the sauces and make your way to the nearest store, forced to pay for an overpriced bottle of chili sauce.

At Jocom, you can find readily made and marinated frozen meat such as chicken chops, lamb chops and even beef meatballs. These packaged goods from Hatinie’s Kitchen come with sauces that can be easily heated up – perfect for barbeque parties and lazy dinner nights! Gone are the days where you have to spend time, elbow-deep in sauce. PLUS – yup, there’s more – you can also get all of the other ingredients you need for a barbeque at Jocom AND we’ll deliver to you!

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Steamboat Party (DIY – JOCOM Style!)


Instead of throwing a traditional Christmas dinner, why don’t you host a steamboat party instead! Here are 4 easy steps.  Adjust ingredients according to the size of your party.

STEP 1: Get a pot

You can easily get a medium sized pot and a portable induction cooker at any electrical retail outlet at an affordable price.  Trust me, you’re going to need it for more delicious steamboat parties you’ll be hosting in the future 😉  A more pocket-friendly alternative is to borrow one from a friend.

pot kosong

STEP 2: Buy the ingredients

You want a selection of ingredients, ranging from frozen packaged foods to fresh ingredients.  You can find these items by CYL Food Sdn Bhd on Jocom and have them delivered right at your doorstep! Just remember to do this a few days in advanced so you can marinade the ingredients.  The possibilities are endless, so do ask your guests on what they prefer.  Here are some of my must-haves at a steamboat party!

steamboat blog

Other items that you may need to prepare are dipping sauces such as chili sauce and soy sauce, are also available on Jocom:


STEP 3: Prepare the soup (base)

Boil water with stock cubes to save time.  Don’t worry about it too much because after you cook the raw ingredients in the soup (such as leeks, carrots, garlic, prawns, clams and etc.), it will enhance the flavours of soup.  A popular soup base to use is chicken or vegetarian but our personal favourite is tom yam – a clear, spicy and sour soup. Buy Knorr Tom Yam Stock cubes from Jocom here:


TIP: Save the soup for last. It’ll be packed with flavours and your guests will be scooping for seconds!

STEP 4: Eat Up!

Well, this is self-explanatory, but just in case you’re new to this, add the ingredients into the soup and wait for them to cook.  Steamboat parties are always big fun because it gets people talking and interacting with one another.  Top it off with delicious food, what is there NOT to like?



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Christmas Cravings

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This season is all about indulging in your delicious, sweet cravings. From gingerbread cookies, chocolate cinnamon rolls, puddings, popcorn strings and peppermint candy sticks hung around your beautifully decorated Christmas tree – how can we resist?!

Though some of these can be quite repetitive and you find yourself longing for something new but still has the familiar taste of Christmas..

At Jocom, we have cakes from Magnifique Patisserie!

Dundee cake- montly promo-01 Pure Chocolate cake- montly promo-01

The Dundee Cake is a rich Scottish fruit cake with rum-marinated sultanas, orange peel and almonds (Non halal – RM85).  The Pure Chocolate Cake is definitely a treat for chocolate lovers, with layers of milk chocolate bavarian cream, white chocolate cremeux, dark chocolate cremeux and chocolate sponge (RM140). Sounds like a dream? Indeed, we’re definitely drooling at the sight of them both!

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