Christmas Cravings

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This season is all about indulging in your delicious, sweet cravings. From gingerbread cookies, chocolate cinnamon rolls, puddings, popcorn strings and peppermint candy sticks hung around your beautifully decorated Christmas tree – how can we resist?!

Though some of these can be quite repetitive and you find yourself longing for something new but still has the familiar taste of Christmas..

At Jocom, we have cakes from Magnifique Patisserie!

Dundee cake- montly promo-01 Pure Chocolate cake- montly promo-01

The Dundee Cake is a rich Scottish fruit cake with rum-marinated sultanas, orange peel and almonds (Non halal – RM85).  The Pure Chocolate Cake is definitely a treat for chocolate lovers, with layers of milk chocolate bavarian cream, white chocolate cremeux, dark chocolate cremeux and chocolate sponge (RM140). Sounds like a dream? Indeed, we’re definitely drooling at the sight of them both!

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