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Don’t forget to download ‪#‎Jocom‬ today! Buy ‪#‎groceries‬ from #JocomApp.
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Steamboat Party (DIY – JOCOM Style!)



Instead of throwing a traditional Christmas dinner, why don’t you host a steamboat party instead! Here are 4 easy steps.  Adjust ingredients according to the size of your party.

STEP 1: Get a pot

You can easily get a medium sized pot and a portable induction cooker at any electrical retail outlet at an affordable price.  Trust me, you’re going to need it for more delicious steamboat parties you’ll be hosting in the future 😉  A more pocket-friendly alternative is to borrow one from a friend.

pot kosong

STEP 2: Buy the ingredients

You want a selection of ingredients, ranging from frozen packaged foods to fresh ingredients.  You can find these items by CYL Food Sdn Bhd on Jocom and have them delivered right at your doorstep! Just remember to do this a few days in advanced so you can marinade the ingredients.  The possibilities are endless, so do ask your guests on what they…

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